Barry Willis:  President, SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle:  "A series of highly unlikely coincidences and a new twist on the old Cinderella story make Becky's New Car one of the freshest and funniest comedies to come along in years. The cast is consistently excellent, each character has a clear, satisfying dramatic arc, and the quick-moving story is hilarious and poignant. Plus the set design is brilliant. I would eagerly see it again."

From Napa Valley Register's Columnist/Critic Dan Monez:
"Becky’s New Car tackles some serious subject matter, but amidst the intrigue and drama there is also lot of very funny stuff that keeps you smiling and laughing...Dietz is a brilliant playwright. The cast is one of the strongest ensembles I have seen in a long time and Jordan’s direction was nothing short of brilliant. I give Becky’s New Car five stars.”

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From Harry Duke: San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle member, American Theatre Critics Association
“Beckys New Car is a welcome respite from some of the darker, more mean-spirited plays that have been produced locally of late....Director Carl Jordan has gathered a winning cast who find the humor in each character’s foibles and flaws while retaining their humanity.”

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From Val Robichaud: Editor-in-Chief of Sonoma Valley Sun Newspaper
“As directed by Carl Jordan, the staging is a marvel of simplicity. With expert lighting, adjacent areas of the stage become different locations, some with no adornment other than one-liners and body language....Mugging shamelessly, Claire is an excellent physical comedian. If Lucille Ball is too old a reference, how about Debra Messing? Frazzled, unselfconscious, charming… you’d hug her but she might spill something on you....It’s the sign of a maturing theater company to have such a strong supporting ensemble.”
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From Argus Courier Editor and Columnist David Templeton:  San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle member, American Theatre Critics Association
"In terms of variety, the freshest of the pack (of North Bay theater offerings) is Steven Dietz's marvelous Becky's New Car, directed by Carl Jordan for Sonoma Arts Live. Hilarious and heartfelt, this inventive tale of a woman's car-themed midlife crisis is crammed with twists, turns, laughs and tears. As Becky, torn between the life she loves and a new possibility she never dreamed possible, Melissa Claire is wonderful.  Excellent supporting performances are delivered by Matt Witthaus as Becky's stunningly understanding husband, and Mike Pavone as the wealthy car buyer who throws her a world-class curve. Sweet and surprising, Becky is one of the best shows of 2017.” ★★★★½

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Season 2017

EVITA  (on stage January 20 - February 5)  The Olivier and Tony Award-winning rock opera about Eva Peron, a woman who seduced a nation.   **Congratulations Cast and Crew on the success of EVITA!  Thank you patrons for embracing this show with a completely sold out run!!!**

EMMA!  A POP MUSICAL (on stage March 9 - March 19)  A lively new musical based on Jane Austen's classic novel about a young, selfless, matchmaking heroine. 

THE CHAOTIC ART OF LIFE (on stage April 21 - May 7)  A funny and thought-provoking world premiere about three men and two women who confront their lives through art, love, life and truth. 

BECKY'S NEW CAR (on stage June 9 - June 25)  A fresh, risky comedy about mid-life boredom, money, cars and moral drift. 

GYPSY (on stage July 14 - July 30)  A classic musical extravaganza about the original stage mother.