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The world can be a crazy place!  Come to Sonoma Arts Live, relax, and know you are in for a night of quality theater in a place where you can leave the world and its cares behind.  Come and be moved to laughter, or a tear or two, and go out again with a memory of a great experience.  This year we turn a looking glass towards the vanishing ways of life……

Shows in our Season 2017 | 2018 line-up:

The Spitfire Grill      (September 8 - 24)
What if you could start over?  A girl with a past finds her way in the mythical “Mayberry” town of Gilead.  A musical directed by Michael Ross (Gypsy)

The Rainmaker      (October 13 - 29)
In a Depression-era drought, a charming trickster promises to bring rain, and perhaps more, to spinster Lizzie and her family's farm. Directed by Pat Nims (George M!)

Inspecting Carol      (November 29 - December 10)
Set in the 1990’s, a hilarious send-up to what happens when you mix funding issues, backstage drama,  and the classic A Christmas Carol onstage.  Directed by Carl Jordan (Becky’s New Car)

The Dining Room      (January 19 – February 4)
Around a single dining room table, six actors play a variety of  roles - telling the story of that vanishing species called the upper-middle-class WASP.   Directed by Joey Hoeber (Jake’s Women)

Jeeves Intervenes      (May 11 - 27)
The ever-faithful manservant Jeeves takes us on a hilarious romp full of deception and disguise into a society where money, status and show are all that matter.  Directed by James Wood (The Chaotic Art of Life) and Libby Oberlin (Love, Loss, and What I Wore)

Always, Patsy Cline      (July 13 - 29)
A touching true story affectionately told through letters between Patsy and her biggest fan- turned-confidante. . . . with songs you know and love.  A musical directed by Michael Ross (Gypsy)