Auditions:  10am on May 5


Location:  The Theater School 19485 Sonoma Hwy Ste E (upstairs)


Sonoma Arts Live announces auditions for a staged reading of an original/new work:


Ruby & George

in Love

A Premiere of a Play About Sex, Love, Family and Money

 written and directed JoAnneh Nagler

show will run July 16, 17, 18 in Andrews Hall
at the Sonoma Community Center

Ruby and George are having a steamy, sexual love affair—an affair that has rocked them to their core, driven them to desire, and flipped their world view upside down. Theres only one hitch: Ruby and George are 84 and 82, the parents of four well-preserved but middle-aged children who are rattled, vexed and unhinged by the unsettling fact that their parents are having more sex and more fun than they are.

sides will be sent to you!

parts available:

KATARINA “KAT” PARKHURST. 46, Ruby’s youngest daughter, a rabbi, indulged, beautiful, unemployed and financially dependent on her mother, in a rocky marriage with a musician with whom she has a 12-year old son who has mild learning disorders.

TRENT LAMBERT. 52, an eighth-grade school teacher who was once a high-powered lawyer. Divorced for twelve years from a still-acrimonious ex-wife. Father of Mya and George’s only living child.

MYA (short for JEREMIAH). 28, Trent’s daughter, a slightly lost college graduate still dependent on her parents, with a penchant for stealing.

DAN GREENWALD. 56, Lexi’s ex-husband, rugged, good-looking, humble, well-built from many years of farming, kindhearted. Owns the largest dairy farm in the area.


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