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The Rainmaker
A Romantic Comedy in Three Acts by N. Richard Nash
Directed by Patrick Nims

AUDITIONS Saturday, June 24
1pm - 4pm

Andrews Hall at the Sonoma Community Center - 276 E. Napa Street


The Rainmaker is a tale of love and a tale of hope, set in “a western state on a summer day in a time of drought.” Just as the Curry family is beginning to despair, Starbuck -- a self-proclaimed “Rainmaker” comes on the scene. He is full of dreams, passion, and self-confidence -- a quality unhappily unmarried, young Lizzie Curry especially lacks. Starbuck promises that he will bring rain and break the drought that is claiming the Currys crops and their cattle, if they agree to pay him the hefty sum of $100. Unlikely though his claim may be, Starbuck eventually wins over the entire Curry Family. Eventually, the rain comes -- a rain that nourishes not only the land, but the Curry family, as well. Nash’s romantic comedy brings provincial America to life in a heartfelt domestic drama about the importance of self-belief.

Script Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6_N-VLV14bsdHR6NDZib3RIVjg/view?usp=sharing

H. C. Curry
- Male Lead, Ranch Owner, windowed Father of Noah, Lizzie and Jim, hopeful optimistic dreamer gambler faithful

Lizzie Curry - Female, Lead
Daughter of H.C., Middle child, Passing marriageable age and concerned about becoming an old maid. single hopeful logical sensible beautiful optimistic dreamer realistic spinster self-doubting.

Bill Starbuck - Male Lead, A drifter and a conman, promises he can make it rain for $100, hopeful crazy swindler mellifluous grandiose truthful genuine honest liar appealing lithe agile braggart gentle dreamer wordsmith

Noah Curry - Male Supporting Oldest son of HC, runs the ranch. brother of Lizzie and Jim, rigid stern strict harsh loving unimaginative

Jim Curry - Male Supporting Youngest child of HC. Works the ranch, excitable hot-tempered girl crazy

File - Male Supporting Town deputy, sensible logical divorced proud stubborn

Sheriff Thomas - Male Featured Town Sheriff, friendly yet authoritative

Audition Info -
Auditions on Saturday, June 24 from 1pm to 5pm
Prepare two contrasting one minute monologues, you may be asked to do readings from the script. Call Backs on Saturday, July 1 from 1pm to 4pm.

Rehearsals and Performance Dates -

Rehearsals - September 10 to Oct 12, Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs - 6pm to 10pm Performances Oct 13 to Oct 29 (Thurs, Fri, Sat 7:30 Sunday 2pm) Stipends available.

For audition appointment email: Sue Martin sue@sonomaartslive.org