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WHAT TO PREPARE/BRING:  Please prepare a 2 minute monologue and 32 bars of a song OR two 2 minute monologues which showcase your talents. You must bring sheet music in the appropriate key with cuts clearly marked.  No a cappella singing or player devices please.  An accompanist will be provided.  Please also bring 4 copies of your most recent head shot/resume. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your audition slot.

On the day of your audition, if you are unable to make your time slot or will be late, please send a text, including your name, to 707-287-5723.

1. Anne of Green Gables Directed by Libby Oberlin


Rehearsals beginning in September.

A new musical lovingly based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s timeless classic with its unforgettable characters, Anne of Green Gables brings the comical adventures of spunky red-headed orphan Anne Shirley to life, as she wins over her new family and the rest of Prince Edward Island, as well, with her spirit and imagination in this heartwarming story about love, family, and home. Run dates: November 29th - December 9th   Thurs, Fri, Sat at 7:30  Sun at 2:00p.m.

For more information about the show visit


ANNE SHIRLEY An orphan girl with a vivid imagination who is mistakenly brought to the home of brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and lives with them on their farm, Green Gables. Anne is stubborn, passionate, loyal, and intelligent.

MARILLA CUTHBERT An elderly single woman who raises Anne – she is stern yet caring but doesn’t let that side of her nature show.

MATTHEW CUTHBERT A bachelor farmer who lives at Green Gables with his sister, Marilla – Matthew is painfully shy and instantly likes Anne who considers Matthew a kindred spirit

GILBERT BLYTHE A handsome and smart young man who becomes Anne’s rival when he makes the mistake of teasing her about her red hair. Anne swears never to speak to Gilbert.

DIANA BARRY Anne’s best friend – a pretty girl Anne’s age who lives next door to Green Gables. Diana and Anne become bosom friends immediately after they meet.

RACHEL LYNDE The town busybody, she likes nothing better than to share her opinion with everyone and never fails to advise Marilla on how to raise Anne.

MRS. SPENCER The woman who arranges to bring Anne to Matthew and Marilla instead of the boy orphan they requested.

MR. PHILLIPS / STATIONMASTER Mr. Phillips is the schoolmaster in Avonlea – a boring disciplinarian. He may also portray the Avonlea Stationmaster.

MRS. BLEWETT Mrs. Blewett – a nasty, stingy woman living in Avonlea who offers to take Anne in as a babysitter, maid, and cook when she learns that Marilla intends to replace her with a boy orphan.

MINISTER / DOCTOR The Minister is a kindly man who is the religious leader for the people of Avonlea. DOCTOR is the Neighborhood Doctor of Avonlea

MRS. BARRY Diana’s mother, Mrs. Barry, is a severe, unforgiving woman. She is quick to condemn Anne when Anne makes mistakes.

MINNIE MAE BARRY She is Diana Barry’s little sister who goes to the Avonlea school

JANE ANDREWS A plain and sensible girl in Anne’s group of friends – she is steadfast and reliable.

JOSIE PYE A girl in Anne’s class – a “born trouble-maker” – who likes Gilbert and resents Anne for the feelings he has for her.

RUBY GILLIS / SHOP GIRL Ruby Gillis is one of the girls in Anne’s class. The Shop Girl sells Matthew the Puffy Sleeves dress.

MOODY SPURGEON One of the boys in Anne’s class at the Avonlea school who never ceases to get into trouble.

CHARLIE SLOAN One of the boys in Anne’s class – Tommy’s brother, Gilbert’s best friend

TOMMY SLOAN One of the boys in Anne’s class – Charlie’s brother



2. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE - Directed by Michael Ross

For the clan known as The Brewster’s, insanity runs in the family. Two sweet old aunts take it upon themselves to poison lonely old men with nothing to live for, as an act of charity. Their nephew Mortimer has just married, and is trying to negotiate his way around the shenanigans of the house, while trying to keep his new bride from fleeing. Shady brother John returns from a world adventure involving using corpses to change his appearance to allude capture. The merry mayhem continues with bugle-blowing brother Teddy who is charged with burial duties.  Show runs Jan. 25,26 7:30p, 27 2:00pm. Jan 31, Feb. 1,2, 7:30pm, Feb. 3 2:00pm. Feb. 7,8,9 7:30pm, 10th 2:00pm. rehearsals will be spread out over late November/ December (honoring holidays) and January.

To find out more about the characters go to: stageagent.comand type in applicable play and character.

Abby Brewster

Rev. Dr. Harper 

Officer Brophy

Officer Klein

Elaine Harper

Mortier Brewster

Mr. Gibbs

Jonathan Brewster

Dr. Einstein

Officer O’Hara

Lieutenant Rooney

Mr. Witherspoon 


3.  Born Yesterday - Directed by Carl Jordan    

The vulgar, egotistic junkman Harry Brock has come to a swanky hotel in Washington to make crooked deals with government big-wigs. He has brought with him the charming but dumb ex-chorus girl Billie, whose lack of social graces embarrasses even Harry. Billie must be taught some of the amenities, and a few basic bits of information. The young, idealistic magazine reporter Paul Verrall, who has been investigating political skullduggery and is interested in Brock's activities, agrees for a salary, to educate Billie. He finds Billie has a natural honesty and a frank streak in her, and she begins to learn about history, politics, and what Harry really is and what he wants.  Show runs April 26,27 7:30pm, April 28 2:00pm. May 2,3,4 7:30pm, May 5 2:00pm. May 9,10,11 7:30pm, May 12 2:00pm.

To find out more about the characters go to: stageagent.comand type in applicable play.

The following roles are available

Paul Verrall

Harry Brock

Ed Devery

Eddie Brock

Senator Norval Hedges

Mrs. Hedges


Assistant Manager

A Bellhop






4. My Fair Lady - Directed by Michael Ross

Acclaimed Professor and confirmed bachelor Henry Higgins makes a wager with his linguistic colleague Colonel Pickering that in six months he can pass off “gutter snipe” Eliza Doolittle as a duchess at an embassy ball. Through arduous training, day and night, Eliza learns how to speak English “properly,” and transforms into a lady respected and adored by all classes. Along the way she bewitches young Freddy Einsford-Hill into falling in love with her, and convinces a supposed linguistics expert that she is royalty. When Higgins completely fails to acknowledge Eliza’s role in her own transformation, she leaves his home. It is only then that Higgins realizes that he cares deeply for Eliza, but is it too late? Show runs July 12,13 7:30pm, July 14 2:00pm, July 18,19,20 7:30pm, July 21 2:00pm, July 25,26,27 7:30pm, July 28 2:00pm.

All roles available. To find out more about the characters go to: and type in applicable play and character.


Eliza Doolittle, Soprano

Henry Higgins, Baritone

Mrs. Higgins, Spoken

Mrs. Pearce, Mezzo-Soprano

Professor Zoltan Karpathy, Spoken

Alfred P. Doolittle, Baritone

Freddy Eynsford-Hill, Tenor

Mrs. Eynsford-HIll

Butler, Spoken

Lord Boxington

Lady Boxington

Flower Girl


Selsey Man

Hoxton Man

Queen of Transylvania


Jamie, Tenor

Mrs. Hopkins

Ensemble, Male and Female dancers







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